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Dr. Carol's Natural Pet Vitamin Supplement Product Comparisons

Holistic Veterinarian and Board Certified Anti-Aging Pet Health Diplomat, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, created and Patented PAAWS,™ Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System, the Original Formula, for Dogs and Cats, AS SEEN ON TV! VitaLife is Dr. Carol's newest Pet Anti-Aging & Arthritis Wellness Supplement. Dr. Carol is a pioneer in pet health anti-aging research for pets, paving the way for optimal holistic health, wellness and longevity for dogs and cats.



VitaLifeHip & JointEye EssentialsDog Kidney EssentialsEnzymes and ProbioticsEye RestoreDermalustre
Pet Eye Health                
Pet Vision Loss          
Pet Cloudy Eyes/Cataracts          
Pet Corneal Ulcers        
Dog Cherry Eye        
Pet Runny Eyes        
Pet Dry Eye        
Pet Musculo-Skeletal Problems                
Pet Arthritis          
Dog Hip Dysplasia          
Pet Broken Bones-Fractures          
Pet Tendon-Ligament Injury          
Pet Lame-Limping          
Dog Degenerative Myelopathy          
Pet Nerve Loss          
Pet Drags Hind Legs          
Pet Skin & Hair-Coat Issues:                
Pet Allergies          
Pet Itching-Hair Loss          
Pet Shedding          
Pet Dry Flaky Skin-Hot Spots          
Pet Smelly Skin          
Pet Kidney-Urinary Health                
Pet Kidney Failure          
Pet Urine Problems          
Pet Mental Health                
Pet Dementia            
Pet Senility            
Pet Gets Lost at Home            
Pet Less Interactive            
Pet Stares at Walls            
Pet Doesn't Greet at Door            
Pet Immune System Support                
Pet Cancer          
Pet Infections          
Pet Bacteria Virus Disorders              
Pet Illness-Disease          
Pet Digestion Problems                
Pet Vomiting          
Pet Diarrhea          
Pet Pancreatitis          
Pet Diabetes        
Pet Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)          
Pet Sensitive Stomach          
dog Bloat          
Pet Sleep Problems                
Pet Awake at Night            
Pet Sleeps During the Day