Doctor Claims To Have Found Dog's Fountain Of Youth


by Ted Henry, News Channel 5

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- Could a pill really make your dog feel like a puppy again? News Channel5's Ted Hart reported in "Special Assignment" that some pet owners are sitting up to doggy fountain of youth.

Watson is a 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel. His owner, Sally Harrold, said a couple of years ago Watson really started showing his age.

" He had difficulty breathing. He wasn't getting around much and just basically slowing down," Harrold said.

But she said Watson now is a new dog, full of pep and playful as a pup. Harrold said it's due to a food supplement called Paaws.

Paaws advertises as, "A revolutionary breakthrough in health and nutrition that some say is the fountain of youth for dogs."

The ad runs as a late-night infomercial, promising remarkable results, Hart said. It includes one testimonial after another, including Harrold.

" It's just been an amazing change in him," she said. "There's been a tremendous turnaround, like night and day, really unbelievable."

Hart investigated to see if the ad is too good to be true. He found the woman behind it is Chagrin Falls veterinarian, Carol Osborne.

She said she simply applied human anti-aging research to dogs and developed an all-natural food supplement that she said is having remarkable results.

" Increase in energy, vitality, zest for life. Get that look in their eye that they're just right there," Osborne said.

Hart tested the Paaws pills on a 13-year-old Peek-a-poo named, Cairo.

Cairo's idea of exercise is rearranging his blanket. He spends most of his time just laying around. And when there's a need to go up or down stairs, he waits for a ride.

Hart explained that Osborne says it may take awhile to find the right dose for each dog, and she is up front in saying it doesn't work for all dogs. But she said that so far about half of the dog owners who have tried the supplements report positive results.

Wendy Richey said her dog, Wooley, was ornery and lethargic until he started taking the supplements.

" His energy level has increased, coat changed to a nice shine. He's a much happier dog," Richey said.

" The reality of what I've seen is overwhelming. Listening to stories, seeing the changes -- it's more than I ever imagined it would be," Dr. Osborne said.