Dr. Carol In The Media

Organic Food Market Goes to the Dogs
by Kathryn Glass, FOX Business

NEW YORK -- If you’re wondering who will be the next target for the organic food movement—look no further than the family pet. To date, sales of all-natural and organic pet food are up significantly, according to IBIS World Inc., a market research firm in Illinois. According to study results the firm released last December: "Pet owners are continuing to review their animal's diet as a means of improving overall health, including the extension and quality of life. This has resulted in consumers turning toward all-natural pet food products." READ MORE

The Dish on Licorice
by Denise Flaim, Dog Fancy Magazine

Feeding candy licorice to your dog – or any kind of confection, for that matter – is a definite no-no. But the herbal form of licorice is a time-tested remedy for gastrointestinal upset and skin problems such as allergies. And some veterinarians use it as an anti-inflammatory for problems such as itching in the place of powerful drugs like steroids. READ MORE

My Organic Market Expands with Organic Pet Store
by Whitney Blake, The Examiner

WASHINGTON- Local grocery chain My Organic Market has branched out to serve four-legged creatures with the addition of its new Mighty Healthy Pet store in College Park. The new venture, which officially opened over the weekend, offers holistic and organic foods, treats, hygiene products, toys and bedding for cats, dogs and other smaller pets such as hamsters, gerbils and birds. READ MORE

Food For Thought: The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Diet
by Marcia King, Dog Fancy Magazine

There’s much more to canine nutrition than Just kibble and canned food. We explore it all to give you a well-rounded perspective on your dog’s dietary needs. Food and diet fascinate, perhaps even preoccupy us — what’s wholesome and what’snot, what keeps us trim, what plumps us up. Naturally, as dog owners, we’re equally interested in what we’re putting into our pets’ food bowls. READ MORE

Doctor Claims To Have Found Dog's Fountain Of Youth
by Ted Henry, News Channel 5

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- Could a pill really make your dog feel like a puppy again? News Channel5's Ted Hart reported in "Special Assignment" that some pet owners are sitting up to doggy fountain of youth. Watson is a 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel. His owner, Sally Harrold, said a couple of years ago Watson really started showing his age. " He had difficulty breathing. He wasn't getting around much and just basically slowing down," Harrold said. READ MORE

Improved Pet Health Care and Pet Diet -- and Lots of Love -- Help Pets Live Longer
by Emily J. Bisek

Sam is active. He exercises several times a week, especially at the park on Sunday. He eats a balanced diet, takes his medication for liver disease every day and gets medical care as needed. He is also 90 years old -- in dog years. Sam, a border collie, belongs to Heidi Harding of Madison, and just like his human counterparts, he is doing the things that should ensure a long life. READ MORE

Veterinary Economics Magazine: Cracking Patients Canine Genetic Code
Bond clients to your practice by revealing dogs' family history

It used to be all in the name. Dr. Marty Becker—the veterinary correspondent for Good Morning America, author of numerous books, and Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member—asks his clients how they chose their pets' names. "There's almost always a Story to tell," says Dr. Becker, who practices as an associate veterinarian at North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho. READ MORE

Teaching Children How to Grieve - Using the Death of a Pet to Help Children Grow
by Angela Gartner, NE Ohio Family Magazine

At age 4, Christian Knight had his first experience with death. His mother, Danielle Knight, found his fish floating upside down in the small aquarium in their home. To ease his distress, Danielle explained to her son that his fish had died and was not coming back. Whether your child’s pet is a fish, dog or cat, the death of a pet can be traumatic. Helping your child understand how to deal with his or her grief is important. READ MORE

Senior Cat Care - Senior Cat Golden Years

To call a cat old, one mustn’t consider chronological age, but rather physiological condition. Biological and chronological aging are not inexorably linked. Aging begins when the body’s systems start to slow down – when cells deteriorate faster than the body can repair them. We think of it as a progressive decline in mental and physical functioning and appearance which is accompanied by an increase in susceptibility to chronic diseases. READ MORE

Pets on Prozac / No longer a Joke
by REGINA SCHAFFER, Staff Write, The Press of Atlantic City

Bailey the Beagle may look cute -- but go ahead, try and ring the doorbell. Try just walking by the house. Eileen Nase's dog would fly into a frenzy, running back and forth to the bay window, barking non-stop, even biting her blinds and ripping them down. Even her husband couldn't walk into the room without Bailey looking ready to attack. For the Nase family, Bailey the Beagle was quickly becoming Bailey the nightmare. READ MORE