Dr. Carol's Pet Eye Restore: Dogs and Cats

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Dr. Carol's Pet Eye Restore: Dogs and Cats

Dr. Carol's Pet Eye Restore for Dogs & Cats naturally relieves pet red, dry, irritated, itchy, allergic watery, runny eyes in dogs and cats.

Pet Eye Restore effectively relieves runny eyes, pet conjunctivitis, minor eye discharges, pet dry eyes and adds moisture to restore normal eye health for dogs and cats with eye problems. Formerly called Dr. Carol's Clear Eyes.

Pet Eye Restore is effective for Canine Eye Problems including Dry Eye and Cherry Eye. Pet Eye Restore relieves Cat Eye Problems such as Feline viral (herpes) eye problems, causing runny eyes in Kittens and Cats.

Dr. Carol's Pet Eye Restore is made from Pure Sterilized Norwegian Virgin Cod Liver Oil.

Pet Eye Restore for dogs and cats provides pet eyes natural sources of the ingredients:

Vitamin A ...1500IU/tsp

Vitamin D...11U/tsp

Total Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids...27%



Suggested Use: 2 drops applied directly into your dogs or cats eyes twice daily (every 12 hours) as needed to lubricate dry eyes and/or maintain normal pet eye health and canine and feline vision.

Size: 15 ml (1/2 ounce)