Greenies Dog Pill Pockets: Chicken Capsules (Large) 6-PACK

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Greenies Dog Pill Pockets in Chicken Flavor; Large 7.9 ounce capsule size, 6 Pack.

No more fighting with your dog to take their medication! Canine treats perfectly conceal tablets or capsules with irresistible chicken flavor that eliminates the struggle of administering your dog's medications. Simply place pill into the super moist 3/4" treat, pinch shut, and feed to your dog. Re-sealable pouch keeps treats fresh.

7.9 oz; 30 pockets. Chicken Flavor

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from human-grade chicken plus other high quality, healthy ingredients.
  • Completely conceals medicinal odors by sealing in the pill with a simple pinch of the fingers.
  • Does not promote begging or introduce unnecessary calories like table food.
  • No refrigeration needed, store at room temperature in easy-to-use re-sealable pouch.
  • Guaranteed great taste -  chicken.