Puppy Class 101 – The Importance of Going to Puppy Class.

Puppy Class 101 - The Importance of Going to Puppy Class.

Rollins started puppy class just one week ago at 11 weeks of age. While she is a highly socialized puppy with both humans and canines, I still felt she needed to attend puppy class. Rollins has her training reinforced each day.

At 12 weeks she has mastered sit, stay, come and down. She is quite intelligent. While we work on these manners at home with little to no distractions; puppy class is a way to learn and master skills in a room full of distractions. It not only helps your puppy to love other people and puppies but is also a huge learning experience. I attend puppy class with my boyfriend and we both interact and work with Rollins during the class. At the end of the hour, the puppies are taken off leash and allowed to play with each other and socialize.

Puppy Class Pros

  1. Early socialization with humans and canines
    1. It is just as important to socialize your pup with humans as it is with other dogs.
  2. Leash Training
    1. Learning to love the leash is not always easy, in class they learn to work on the leash.
  3. Learning Sit, Stay, Come, Down and Watch
  4. Learning to listen to you (the owner) with many distractions.
    1. Getting your puppies full attention is essential, especially if you have an emergency.
  5. Leaning how to set ground rules for your puppy
    1. From crate training to potty training your instructor can help guide you to success.
  6. Seeing how other puppies perform at similar ages
    1. This is helpful for me to gage how quickly or slowly Rollins is learning.
  7. Setting weekly learning goals
    1. We are given “homework” each week. It gives us something to work on and try to master before our next class.\

Puppy Class Cons

  • None

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