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About Dr. Carol

PAAWS Plus Pet Anti-Aging

Dr. Carol

Integrative veterinarian, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, offers traditional & natural alternative pet health products & therapies for dogs & cats.

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM has gained national recognition as an authority in traditional and alternative veterinary medicine and health care for pets. She is our nation’s first veterinarian to be Certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. This status is for human medicine. Dr. Carol used that knowledge to create her pet longevity formulas. The founder and director of the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center and creator of PAAWS, Pet Anti-Aging Wellness Systems, for dogs and cats. Dr. Carol has pioneered the exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of age-related degenerative disease, as well as promotion of optimum health and performance for pets.

Dr. Carol’s Books

Dr. Carol’s first two books “Naturally Healthy Cats” and “Naturally Healthy Dogs” hit the international best seller lists.

The multi-faceted Dr. Osborne is also an Emmy-nominated television journalist.

“Dr. Carol” as she has come to be known, has gained national prominence through her frequent appearances on popular shows including Today in New York, where she was the on-camera staff veterinarian.

Dr. Carol’s first two books have been translated into 12 different languages and sold over 200,000 copies. They are in their fourth publication by Marshall Editions. Dr. Carol also wrote the chapter, “Pets our Pets Don’t Need” in the book,”Infection Protection” published November, 2002 by Harper Collins.

Currently Dr. Carol is the online veterinary expert for the highly acclaimed online resource, the pet product consumer safety advisor for Dog Time Media. She is a veterinary news network reporter, and the featured online pet expert curator for Organized Wisdom dot com.

Dr. Carol on TV

Dr. Carol is very familiar to audiences across the country through her numerous appearances on metropolitan news programs, in particular, the highly rated, nationally syndicated Fox morning news show, Good Day L.A.

Many viewers enjoyed Dr. Carol’s weekly role as the pet product consumer reporter and staff veterinarian on the Fox News Channel’s Pet News and the Family Channel’s Home & Family where she was a recurring Featured guest for several years.

Her numerous appearances on Discovery’s Animal Planet, including Pet Line, Amazing Tails and Disney’s Petsburg USA have made her a welcome face to audiences around the world. Dr. Carol was credited as a consultant on ABC’s Genesis Award Winner Incredible Animal Tales.

Dr. Carol on TV

Dr. Carol has been featured in USA Today, USA Weekend, The Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News.

She has contributed columns to “Trends”, the highly respected journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, DVM Magazine, Dog Fancy, Natural Dog, Dog World, Veterinary Economics Magazine, The Washington Enquirer, Cat Fancy, Puppies USA, Groomer to Groomer, Icelandic Horse and Travel, and Equine Athlete.

Her editorial contributions also include In Style Magazine, Women’s World and Icon Magazine, as well as Fit Magazine and The National Enquirer.

Dr. Carol on TV

Dr. Carol hosts a weekly National Pet Talk AM Radio Show broadcast online and throughout the country on National AM Talk Radio.

Dr. Carol is an accomplished equestrian and competed successfully on the “A” horse show circuit as an amateur and professionally. She qualified for the US Equestrian Olympic Team Trials. She is an avid horse lover and a respected member of the American Horse Show Association.


Dr. Carol earned her B.S. degree from John Carroll University; she graduated summa cum laude. She received her D.V.M. degree with honors from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has been in private clinical practice for over 20 years. Currently, she practices at the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and continues her resarch in developing advanced biosciences and natural regenerative therapies for the benefit of dogs and cats.

Dr. Carol’s Formal Education:

  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: Board Certified Diplomat
  • Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine: Degree, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Kent State University: M.F.A. Theatre Program
  • John Carroll University: Degree, Bachelor of Science in Biology

Dr. Carol’s Professional Affiliations:

  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)
  • Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA)
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
  • United States Equestrian Team (USET)
  • Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG)
  • American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)
Dog Books

Dog Books: Naturally Healthy Dogs Book by Carol Osborne DVM

Your dog may be your best friend but Dr. Carol’s book “Naturally Healthy Dogs” will help you to know what your dogs needs to stay happy and healthy. Dogs are cherished family members and best friends, with proper care dogs can also become lifelong companions. Although illnesses can affect your dog’s health and appearance, many conditions can be effectively treated at home. “Naturally Healthy Dogs” is a 4 color, 112 page fact finder with illustrated, user friendly, comprehensive tips for helping your dog.

The author, holistic veterinarian, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM,is well aware of the daily problems many dog owners experience. She  gives clear, easy to understand, expert advice on conventional therapies as well as alternative therapies, herbal and homeopathic remedies that you or a practitioner can administer.

Dr. Carol’s “Naturally Healthy Dogs” book shows dog owners how to recognize symptoms of illness and gives advice on everything from digestive disturbances, allergies and itching to behavioral modification, healthy aging tips and explains first aid techniques in the event of an emergency.

Cat Books: Naturally Healthy Cats Book by Carol Osborne DVM

Your pet may be your best friend but do you know what your cat needs to stay happy and healthy? The author, veterinarian Carol Osborne, is well aware of the daily problems that might be encountered by cat owners. This handy 4 color, reader friendly, 112 page guide tells you how to keep your feline in tip top condition by treating common problems with herbs, homeopathy and other complimentary therapies, as well as with traditional treatments. Also included are herbal remedies cat owners can try at home, simple solutions for behavioral problems and advice on coping with emergencies. 

Pets Our Pets Don’t Need: Zoonotic Diseases, Chapter Eleven

During the course of our efforts on behalf of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to advocate the research and application of methods that extend human longevity, it is one of our greatest privileges to meet the best and the brightest foreword looking minds in the medical profession. As a natural extension of the field of life-extending, life enhancing health care for humans, anti-aging medicine is now a high growth niche of veterinary medicine.

Currently, there are over 200 Zoonoses, or animal diseases, transmissible to people that are a significant infectious risk to human health. Effective control of these diseases in animals is paramount to their control and prevention in people. Proactive approaches to health care in the 21st century require closely controlled surveillance systems to detect and monitor disease problems that threaten both human and animal health.

Since outbreaks of certain diseases in animals typically precede outbreaks in people, health department’s routinely use animals as early warning signs or “Disease Sentinels” for certain infectious diseases, including Bubonic Plague, Hanta Virus, Equine Viral Encephalitis, and Rabies. This generally allows time for preventative measures to be taken that will reduce the number and/or severity of human cases.

Medical doctors and veterinarians are required to report certain diseases to local health authorities, which is crucial to effectively controlling and ultimately eliminating these diseases. Infectious diseases that threaten our economic welfare such as Mad Cow Disease, Tuberculosis, and Brucellosis must be reported within 24 hours at which point, strict state and federal guidelines geared to ultimately eradicate these diseases are employed.

This book is currently available on Amazon dot com for purchase. Foreword written by Ronald M. Klatz, M.D., D.O., president and co-founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine also online at WorldHealth dot net.

A leader in this newly emerging veterinary specialty is Carol Osborne, D.V.M., the founder and director of the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center, creator of PAAWS and the first veterinarian to be board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. In this chapter, she writes about zoonosis-the dangers of the transmission of animal diseases to people. Dr. Osborne practices in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Publisher: Harper Collins, 2002.