The 14 Biggest Dangers to Your Pets During the Holidays

The 14 Biggest Dangers to Your Pets During the Holidays
THE HOLIDAYS ARE FULL OF RISKS FOR OUR FURRY FRIENDS. HERE’S HOW VETS SAY YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PET SAFE! The holidays are a time of family gatherings, good cheer, and unfortunately for many pet owners, emergency trips to the veterinary hospital. That’s right, while there is a lot to love about all the winter festivities December holds, there are also some surprising risks that the season presents to the furriest members of our households. Thanks to all of those enticing decorations and tons of guests stopping by, unfortunately, some of the things—and people—that add joy to our celebrations put our beloved dogs and cats in danger. To make sure you’re looking out for Fido and Fancy this December, here are 14 of the most important risks to consider when it comes to your pet’s safety during the holidays. 1.Chocolates If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know that as little as four ounces of chocolate can be deadly to your pup. And though most dog owners are vigilant about keeping the sweets out of their canine companion’s reach, when they get a wrapped gift from a friend or coworker, it’s likely they just toss it under the tree without thinking twice. “May sound obvious, but chocolate is even more prevalent during the holidays, whether it’s in baked goods or given as a gift,” says Chris Boicelli, media director for Preventive Vet. “It’s important to be aware of any gifts containing chocolate that are placed under the tree.” Continue Reading all other 13 Pet Dangers at Best Life Online by Alex Daniel

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