Cat Books: Naturally Healthy Cats Book by Carol Osborne DVM

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Dr. Carol's Naturally Healthy Cats Book

Many of your cat's illnesses do not require a visit to the vet.  They can be treated simply and effectively at home.  This comprehensive, reader friendly, 112 page, 4 color illustrated  fact file describes your options.

Dr. Carol's Naturally Healthy Cats helps you make the right decisions about treating common conditions and gives alternatives for returning your cat to good health  

  • explains conventional treatments, highlighting cases where professional help is needed
  • provides complementary options for homeopathic treatments and herbal remedies
  • offers traditional therapies
  • gives practical, easy-to-access information on the measures to take when your cat becomes sick
  • advises whether to seek conventional or alternative treatment
  • covers emotional and behavioral problems, as well as digestive disorders, allergies, skin and hair coat issues, healthy aging tips
  • Describes emergency care guidelines and first aid techniques.

Over 200,000 copies of this useful book and its companion, Dr. Carol's Naturally Healthy Dogs, have been sold across Europe, where they are in their fifth printing and have been translated into 12 different languages.


About the Author:

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, is a leading authority on alternative veterinary medicine, advanced biotechnologies, the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine, and aging related pet diseases. She is the only veterinarian in the world to be certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. She created and patented the ever popular PAAWS and is an emmy-nominated television journalist.

Dr. Osborne has become a familiar face to audiences world wide due to her frequent television appearances on national programs including Today in New York, Good Day LA and Animal Planet's Discovery Channel.

She has been featured in numerous publications, including USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Daily News.  In addition, Dr. Osborne has authored over 200 articles in veterinary journals and popular magazines such as DVM Magazine, Dog Fancy, Dog World, Cat Fancy and Natural Solutions Magazine.