Holidays Survival Guide for Furry Friends

Holidays Survival Guide for Furry Friends

Helpful Pet Tips for avoiding the vet’s office during the holidays

The Holidays are upon us! This means tasty treats, special decorations and, undoubtedly, a trip to the vet’s office. This time of year is usually just as stressful for our pets as it is for us. Our furry little family members have the tendency to fill their bellies with everything from dangerous “people” food to pine needles, brightly colored glass bulbs, and tinsel. Not to mention the trouble they can find outdoors! Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM has a laundry list of holiday tips to keep everyone happy through the New Year.

Pet Decorating Tips: Pet-proofing your Christmas tree (anchor with fishing line, expendable, pet safe ornaments toward the bottom, netting around the base to prevent drinking, red pepper and water solution to discourage needle eaters)

  • Tinsel is dangerous for cats! (They love to eat it, but it can block their intestines.) Use ribbon instead.
  • Hide and cover electric and extension cords- puppies think they are chew toys!
  • Keep candles away from paws and wagging tails. The fumes can be toxic to birds!
  • Holiday house plants to avoid with pets (certain lilies, poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, English ivy, amaryllis, hibiscus)
  • Holiday Pet Food No-No’s (alcohol, yeast dough, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, chocolate, coffee grounds, garlic, onions, chives, and bones). Be mindful of colorful foil/ cellophane candy wrappers!
  • Healthy holiday pet foods (pumpkin, cranberries, green beans, broccoli and sweet potato)
  • Keep mealtime routines consistent to avoid added stress.
  • Easing Pet Holiday Anxiety (Bach’s Rescue Remedy formula, you can also feed a little bit of Turkey. Just as the Tryptophan makes us sleepy, it can also have a calming effect on your dog’s nerves)
  • Pet Cold Weather Tips: How to keep your pets protected from the frigid temperatures (if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet. Offer a little extra food during the winter months because more calories are burned trying to maintain body heat)

Dr. Carol Osborne is an author and world-renowned integrative veterinarian of twenty-plus years. After graduating from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Carol completed a prestigious internship at the Columbus Zoo. Shortly afterward, she launched a very successful private practice and became the founder and director of the non-profit organization, the American Pet Institute. Dr. Carol offers traditional veterinary care for dogs and cats with a softer, natural touch. Her approach highlights the importance of nutrition and utilizing holistic avenues in combination with traditional treatments. Currently, she offers holistic therapies and traditional veterinary medical care for dogs and cats with dementia at the Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Call our Office Today at (866) 372-2765 or complete this Form to Email our Office.

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