4th of July Pet Safety Tips

4th of July

Make Your Pet’s Celebration Risk Free! Whether you’re traveling or enjoying the festivities in your own backyard boning up on your pet Independence Day safety tips helps to ensure the celebration is safe and fun filled for you, Fido and Fluffy. Be sure your pets have well-fitting collars with up to date ID tags just […]

Pets Can’t Sweat – Pet Heat Stroke is No Joke

Pets Can’t Sweat – Pet Heat Stroke is No Joke

Summer may not have officially arrived, but outdoor temperatures have been soaring all across the country. Many well-meaning pet owners taking their pooches outside to enjoy nice long walks are noticing their dogs are reluctant to tag along. This veterinarian and author have had several clients comment on their dog’s lack of energy, pep and […]

Avoiding a Pet Fireworks Fiasco for Dogs & Cats

Avoiding a Pet Firework Fiasco for Dogs & Cats

6 Pet Safety Tips to help ensure that your canines and felines enjoys the 4th of July festivities as much as you do: More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other time of the year. Pets and loud noises are not a winning combination. Holistic veterinarian and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM has compiled […]

Memorial Day Pet Travel Tips

Memorial Day Travel Tips

Pet Travel Research: Pet Travel Sites like petswelcome.com and bringfido.com are great resources for locating pet-friendly hotels, campgrounds, B&B’s, and even pet sitters all across the United States. Not all airlines allow pets and those that do have different restrictions, especially during the pandemic, so be sure to check before booking your flight. Plan Your Dogs Travel Ahead: make sure you […]

Obesity in Dogs: A Massive Health Threat Hiding in Plain Sight

Obesity in Dogs: A Massive Health Threat Hiding in Plain Sight

There’s a weight problem in America and it isn’t just affecting humans. The most recent statistics classify the majority of dogs in the U.S.—56%—as overweight or obese. While that makes obesity a major health crisis for dogs, it’s a problem that’s often overlooked, as many pet owners may not even realize their pets are overweight. […]

Pets and the COVID-19 – The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pets and the COVID-19 - Coronavirus Pandemic

What are pet owners’ most important considerations to keep their pets safe from the Coronavirus pandemic and how to stay busy with pets and live while under quarantine? The current coronavirus pandemic has alarmed pet owners worldwide. Experts continue to believe that pets, including dogs and cats, are not able to become infected nor are […]

News Flash: Testing Pets for The NEW Covid-19 Virus

Testing Pets for The NEW Covid-19 Virus

Pet owners concerned about whether or not their dog may have contracted COVID-19 can now get answers. Assuming you have a logical reason to back up your claim, call your veterinarian and ask for your dog to be tested.

Dr. Carol – Coronavirus News Flash to our Patients

Dr. Carol - Coronavirus News Flash to our Patients

A quick email to update you on the current protocol we have adopted in the face of the coronavirus concerns that are shared by all. Dr. Carol wants to ensure you that she is taking steps to be extra vigilant all throughout our Veterinary Clinic and has put many safeguards in place to protect our pet patient parents, and our staff.