Pet Health Consultation: Dogs and Cats

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Pet Health Consultation: Initial

Your first pet health care consultation with integrative veterinarian and author Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM., includes an in-depth review of your pet's medical history, diet, lifestyle, behavior, veterinary records, blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, biopsy results and any other veterinary medical dog and/or cat data.

Dr. Carol personally reviews your pet's medical records and will consult with you in detail by telephone at a mutually agreeable time.


Pet Health Consultations: The Procedure

Once your pet registration complete, Dr. Carol contacts pet owners to request your dog or cats veterinary medical records. Pet Records may be e-mailed directly to

Pet owners may also mail hard copies of pet medical records to:

Dr. Carol Osborne, D.V.M.

530 E.Washington St. Ste. A1

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 

Phone Toll Free:1-866-372-2765

 Pet Health Consultations are ideal for pet owners who require special attention for management of complicated dog and/or cat health issues, including:

Dr. Carol Offers Expert Veterinary Medical Advice for Dog and Cat Health Care!

Pet Health Care Consultations are valid consideration for pet owners who would like to discuss their dog and/or cat's medical condition(s).

Pet Health Care Consultations are Beneficial for:

Pet Cancer

Pet Diabetes

Pet Vetsulin & Diabetes Questions

Pet Arthritis

Pet Broken Bones

Pet Pancreatitis: Vomiting & Diarrhea

Pet Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome/Disease (IBD)

Pet Nutrition & Home-Made Pet Diets & Pet Recipes

Pet Seizures & Epilepsy

Cherry Eye/Dry Eye

Cushing's Disease

Addison's Disease

Pet Allergies & Pet Itching

Pet Hot Spots & Skin Issues

Pet Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: Lick Granuloma's & Separation Anxiety

Pet Eye and Ear Issues: Runny Eyes

Pet Immune Mediated Disorders: ie: Pemphigus, Lupus

Pet Heart Disease: Pet Cardiovascular Disorders

Cat Asthma

Pet Urinary Tract Disorders

Pet Behavior Problems

The assurance of having an integrative  veterinarian available 24/7 as an active member of your pets health care team has been a blessing for many dedicated, loving dog and cat owners.

Dr. Carol's Initial Pet Health Consultation Includes:

Initial in depth review of your Pets Medical History, vaccination History, Diet, Lifestyle, Behavior, Environment, Current medications and Supplements, Laboratory Tests, Blood Profiles, Urinalysis results, Biopsy, Cytology, X-rays, Ultrasound and EKG results.

Personal phone consultation

Follow-up by phone and/or email for 30-days from date of consultation.

The Fee for the Initial Pet Health Care Consultation applies to one pet only. For pet owners with multiple pets, Dr. Carol offers a Multiple Pet Consultation Discount. Please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements for Dr. Carol to help pet owners you all of their dog and cat health care needs!

Please note that without a valid client patient relationship we will not under any circumstances diagnose, treat or prescribe. Dr. Carol acts an an advocate for you and your pet's optimal health and wellness. 

Cost: $370.00

Web Special: $185.00




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    Posted by Bev Gunter on 23rd Nov 2015

    My cockapoo had cancer a year ago and having "the surgery" took care of this "challenge", but instantly he gained 10% of his weight and it didn't look good for him. It was as though he had developed arthritis overnight.

    After taking our dog to several vets and even an alternative vet in the area, we were saddened at our loss of information and of what to do with our "treasure." After searching the internet, I came across and decided that $75 was reasonable if she could give us answers, and that is what we got! Within several months of following her directions, our dog because "healthy" again and we have her to thank for it.

    Her products work and we know that our dog's return to health is because of Dr. Carol. Please do not hesitate to give her a call. It will be well worth your time and investment!

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    Dr Carol is an Amazing Veterinarian!

    Posted by Gretchen Zwetzig on 18th Apr 2014

    I am so jealous of the people who love pets that live in Chagrin Falls. My Shiba Inu and I have been consulting with Dr. Carol for a few years now over the phone... A few years longer than she was supposed to live thanks to Dr. Carol. Chagrin Falls has a world class Vet that loves your pets as much as you do and that's what makes all the difference. Shib is 7 1/2 and looks like a puppy and we use Dr. Carol's supplements as treats, they are that good. Please, for your pet's sake and yours, take advantage of this amazing integrative resource. Dr. Carol has solutions that other Vets just don't know.
    Gretchen Zwetzig & Shib

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    Dr. Carols Veterinary Services are Excellent!

    Posted by Sally Harrold on 18th Apr 2014

    Dr. Carol has taken care of my dogs for many years and she is amazing! Not only is she a remarkable diagnostician in her own right, but she will research your pet's problem until she is convinced she has explored all avenues. She uses traditional and holistic approaches, always thinking first of her furry patients and secondly trying not to drive their owners into bankruptcy to make and keep them well.
    Sally Harrold & Bently

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    Dr. Carol's Veterinary Services are Excellent!

    Posted by Janet on 9th Apr 2014

    Dr. Carol always listesn very carefully to all of my input and concerns. All my pet's treatment decisions are made collaboratively instead of them just telling me what to do.

    Dr. Carol always returns my phone calls within the same day. It's so great, especially when I need a question answered right away. The staff went out of their way to make both me and my pet feel welcome. It felt like they really cared about both of us.

    I loved that Dr. Carol took their time with my pet, and didn’t rush the appointment at all. She made sure my pet was relaxed and that all my questions were answered.

    I've never seen a vet be more careful or gentle than they were with my pet. My pet felt so much better when we left.

    by JANET
    March 23, 2014

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    Dr. Carol Exceeded Expectations for our Cat Bella

    Posted by John S. on 11th Mar 2014

    I would like to take the time to let people know of the wonderful experience my wife and I had at Doctor Carols office.

    I must say I was and little skeptical of a non traditional vet but since Dr. carol is DVM it may be worth a try. My cat Bella was recently at are regular vet for UTI which may have occurred from higher kidney levels.

    Thank god she is not in renal failure and I want to keep it that way. The vet we typically use said give her special KD food and sent us on our way. When I got home I was very upset that she could have the start of kidney disease. We tried the special diet but she will not eat it, so I began researching the disease and found million and one products out there and I was so confused on what to try.

    So I started researching holistical vets in Ohio and found Dr. Carol. She is maybe an hour drive so I didn't want my pregnant wife to drive an hour alone and I work six days a week so Dr. Carol made us an appointment on Sunday.

    Yes Sunday and no emergency fee was going to be charged for that. I was actually amazed. So we made the trip and Doctor Carol spend several hours with us. She went over every possible thing In her food she likes. Went over single item of her blood test and there was a lot. Also made us understand what things meant and not in doctor talk.

    Dr. Carol knows what she is doing. She even showed my wife homemade recipes to cook for my little girl that will be easier on her kidneys. Then she showed us what to look for in canned foods that if we have to feed to her what to look for and why. I brought in ten different supplements I ordered and she went over every ingredient in each and told us what could be helpful and what will not. Now don't get me wrong the vet we typically use I like and care (I think) are good but typically go over things in minutes and send us on our way left wondering is there anything we can do.

    Really don't want to tell Dr. Carol this but I was expecting this huge bill after all her time with us and actually it was a fraction of what our usual vet charges. We left our appointment amazed by her knowledge and her passion. We will see her again and we do recommend.

    Sincerely, John S.

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    Dr. Carol Saved My Dogs Life When No One Else Would Help

    Posted by Chance Buxton on 10th Mar 2014

    My dog buque (boo-key) went into kidney failure approx 3 weeks ago. My local vet referred me to a large animal hospital in albuquerque where he spent 2 days in the ICU. His kidney values did not drop after pushing 240 ml an hour in him. And having him on doxy for possible lepto. He began retaining water so three different vets recomended I put him down. After doing some research I found dr. Carol osborne. She put my pets health first and after her guidance im glad to say my best friend is doing much better his kidney values all drop to almost normal range. Which is incredible being his CREATININE was at a 15 and is now at a 3.4 and BUN 158 to 32 after dr. Osborne helped me.

    Thank you for helping me Dr. Carol Osborne when no one else could.

    Chance Buxton and Buque

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    Dr Carol's Veterinary Services are Excellent!

    Posted by Judith Weiss on 19th Feb 2014

    it is rare, in allopathic or veterinary medicine to find the committment and dedication to finding the best patient treatment . I brought my elderly cat Pookie to Dr. Carol with a 13 year history of intermittent diarrhea with a kitten history of coccidia. after spending THOUSANDS of dollars, Dr. Carol did a thorough exam, actually looked at the stool sample herself (when does that ever happen?), found the parasite, called a consultant at Ohio State veterinary school (again, when does THAT ever happen?), and was able to render a carefully considered, intelligent clinical opinion that both she and I felt was the right decision for my beloved animal companion. would that there was this level of concern and diligence in the allopathic community. we would have way fewer errors and iatrogenic problems. I look forward to my pet having many restored healthy happy years. Judith Weiss