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Dr. Carol’s Digestion Booster Kit

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Dr. Carol's Digestion Booster Kit that includes Dr. Carol’s Digest-Zymes, PAAWS PLUS Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System and Dr. Carol’s Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics to help re-establish healthy intestinal balance and stool consistency.

Dr. Carol's Digest-Zymes - Dog Formula

Dr. Carol's Dog Digest-Zymes provides an all-natural, complete, comprehensive, full-spectrum, natural, plant-based digestive enzyme formula for Dogs. Dr. Carol's Dog Digest-Zymes are a complete pet digestive enzyme product that insures complete digestion and absorption of each nutrient in your dog's diet at the cellular level.

Dr. Carol's PAAWS PLUS - Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System - Advanced Health & Wellness Complex

NOW Dr. Carol Proudly Offers her NEWEST PET Formula - PAAWS PLUS: Pet Anti-Aging Wellness Supplement. Given just Once A Day - Convenient all-day dosing for Dogs of all ages. PAAWS Dog Vitamins, Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System, are natural, USA Made, patented dog vitamins created by a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Carol Osborne. PAAWS AM/PM Advanced Health Complex for Dogs, the Original TV Formula, contains rich amounts of Antioxidants.

Dr. Carol's Premium Probiotics with Prebiotics - Dog Formula

Dr. Carol's Dog Probiotics contains a patent-pending, USA made, comprehensive, human grade, the plant based blend of 10 essential strains of "friendly" bacteria along with prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) beneficial in maintaining your dog's health and immunity by supporting canine intestinal health and promoting proper digestion.